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Sabtu, 24 Feb 2024
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National Teacher’s Day 2023 Ceremony

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The sky looked solemn in the North field of the Al-Amanah Modern Islamic Boarding School when all the students and teachers of Integrated Bilingual Middle School-Integrated Bilingual Middle School 2 solemnly took part in the ceremony on Saturday morning, November 25th , 2023. This ceremony was completely different from the ceremonies that are routinely held on Saturday.

Compared to the regular Saturday ceremony, this one was entirely different. Normally, the students served as the ceremonial officers at the Saturday event, but on National Teachers’ Day in 2023, the teachers took up this role with great dedication.

The ceremony supervisor, Gus Muhammad Ulil Albab, S.Pd.I., Head of Bilingual Integrated Middle School 2, expressed gratitude to the teachers who served as the ceremony officers this morning at the start of his speech. Gus Ulil emphasized that November 25th, 2023, marked National Teachers’ Day, where the Indonesian government appreciate the teachers’ services. Teachers were regarded as exemplary figures, inspirations, and selfless heroes. Gus Ulil also stressed the Islamic teachings that emphasized honouring and respecting teachers. He emphasized that technology could never replace the role of a teacher. Then the series of morning ceremonies closed with awards for outstanding teachers. Hopefully this year’s National Teacher’s Day with the theme: Moving Together to Celebrate Freedom of Learning, can truly be applied in learning both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Happy National Teacher’s Day 2023. Thank you to all teachers for your incomparable service. (AMS)

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