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Sabtu, 24 Feb 2024
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The Routine Activity of PIPAMADU and Expression Stage of SMP BILTER

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Every month, students of SMP Bilingual Integrated turn routine into tangible actions for the environment and creativity. With a spirit of togetherness, they utilize the Waste Bank to create positive changes in their lives and the surrounding environment.

Used beverage bottles are no longer just ordinary trash. In the hands of SMP BILTER students, these used bottles become a source of inspiration to create all sorts of refreshing drinks. Every bottle collected in their Waste Bank will be exchanged for creatively crafted drinks made by themselves. This is how they demonstrate that with a little creativity, even trash can become valuable.

Moreover, they also hold an Expression Stage for students to freely express themselves. Through various performances and artworks, SMP BILTER students not only enliven the atmosphere but also nurture creativity and courage.

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